Sunday, July 10, 2016


The Polarity of Nonsense

The good guys sit in coffee shops and read Chomsky. The bad guys drive pickup trucks and don't read much.

The good guys eat whole grain cereal and and don't eat red meat. The bad guys eat everything...and don't really care.

The good guys like Al Gore because he's a better human being. The bad guys don't fly in private jets and aren't much impressed by Al Gore.

The good guys acknowledge their guilt for crimes they were never involved in. The bad guys refuse to acknowledge their privilege.

The good guys kiss any ass that promises to be fragrant and think their own shit doesn't stink. The bad guys are sick of assholes smelling up their lives.

The bad guys are guilty of a thousand and one "micro-aggressions." The good guys macro-aggress daily because they're convinced their causes are just...

The good guys are noticeably good and the bad guys noticeably bad. The good guys should set the rules and enforce the bad guys will stop being so bad.

The good is the good and the bad is the bad...

Oh wait, my mistake, it was the opposite. The bad guys are the good guys and the good guys the bad, because of who they are and the things that they've had.

Or, maybe the other way around.

People are basically good/bad...and should stop it...and, stop buttering their bread with the butter side down.

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